What's your biggest social media problem?

1) No time for social media?
2) Never know what to say?
3) Customers think you don't care?
4) Google sending you less traffic?

Whichever you picked we can help. With our fixed price package we get new content on your Facebook & Linkedin every day. And at £200p/m (ex vat) with no setup fee & no minimum term (just 30 days notice) we're a no-brainer...

Our Services

What We Do

We fixed it for ourselves, then we fixed it for private clients. Now we're fixing social media for busy business owners everywhere, just like you, who struggle to keep their social media up to date and just need someone to 'fix our social'.

Why work with us?

FixOurSocial offers business owners the 'best value for money' social media service on the market according to our research. At just £200+vat per month, your business gets a credible post a day every workday on your Facebook & Linkedin pages.

How do we work?

We will take away your social media pain. With a post everyday on your Facebook page and/or LinkedIn page we ensure your customers can find you, see you're active, read relevant content and ensure Google sees daily social signals from you.

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7 urgent social media must-do's for busy business owners

We’ve pulled together a vital set of urgent social media must-do's for busy business owners based on our decades of social media mastery combined with recent stats to guide you on how to ensure your social media is not losing you customers, traffic and money today.

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"What we say about ourself is our ego... what others say is our reputation..."

“We have been working with FixOurSocial for just over 1 year now and the results have been excellent. From the outset they sought to understand our business and then they ensured that the messages we were sending reflected our culture.”

Melanie Langley — Managing Director, Oliver Myles Events Ltd

“Almost immediately came up with innovative, creative and – most importantly – successful strategies to raise our brand awareness.”

Barbara Ball — Founder, ASEND Special Education Needs Training / Consultancy

“Thank goodness for social media experts FOS.  I have had very positive feedback on the postings including from other marketing experts.”

Jeremy Garson — Founder, Hertfordshire-based Rise Legal Solicitors
Who We Are

The Founders

Our two founders know a thing or two about business, revenue, marketing strategy, social media and creative brand / design. With decades of experience and multiple active businesses of their own they are ready to help you make the most out of your social media.

As well as the two Founders there is an army of Social Media Consultants trained by Al & Simon and who have each qualified to work for Fix Our Social by managing one of Al or Simon's own social media to ensure that only the highest quality service is offered.

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